Travel Clinic

Are you considering overseas travel? Are you taking others? Are they elderly relatives or young children?

Are you aware of the risks to your health, and the consequent disruption of travel plans and unravelling of your long-awaited holiday?

Our Doctors and Nurses can help navigate your way to optimal health during your time away. We are a Yellow-Fever accredited vaccination practice, and we have most common vaccinations required for overseas travel here at Cremorne Medical Practice.

We can also advise you about oral treatments for Traveller’s diarrhoea and for the prevention of Malaria. We will use your itinerary to personalise the vaccinations you require, taking into account your past and current medical condition. We can organise prescriptions of your usual medications for extended time away from Australia.

We can advise you about specific risks to your health whilst away and how you can minimise these, for example altitude sickness, dengue fever and rabies. We also have several different types Medical Travel Kits available, especially for gastroenteritis (this will help prevent you being laid low by Bali Belly!)

We will also take this opportunity to make sure your tetanus, whooping cough, measles and polio vaccinations are up to date.

We look forward to hearing about your travel plans.

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